i can haz links

my plan is to frequently update this post will utilities, links, and articles that i find particularly helpful or interesting. some may be SharePoint related … some may not be.


first, if you haven’t seen Scott Hanselman’s tools list, read it … twice: http://www.hanselman.com/tools



http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee857096.aspx – the article to read before entering the design phase of a moss publishing site implementation


.net development

http://www.ironshay.com/post/Use-NET-Built-in-Methods-to-Save-Time-and-Headaches.aspx – good ‘quick read’ article of a couple best practice common .net coding techniques … helpful article to pass along to jr members of a development team



http://glidedigital.com/ – Glide online OS –> 30gb free online storage

http://skydrive.live.com/ – 25gb free online storage with sharing capabilities (use IE for best interface)

http://visualsvn.com/server/ – svn for my non-work projects at home


 blogs / links

http://blog.cwa.me.uk/tags/morning-brew/ – great blog to start the day with every morning

http://failblog.org/ – i have to go there every day

January 20, 2010 20:28 by rlipton
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